The Hunter Pest Control Family

Jesse Nugent-The founder and original owner of Hunter Pest Control.  He built the company from the ground up and he still holds the unofficial world record for cheesy pest control jokes.

Jack Nugent-Jack is the owner and C.E.O. (Chief Exterminating Officer) as well as a Certified Applicator.  He’s a class of 03’ Texas A&M graduate and has 12 years of pest control experience.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, and killing your bugs.   

Josh Smith-Josh is a 3rd generation exterminator with pest control in his blood.  He’s a Certified Applicator licensed in general pest control and termites.  He enjoys playing golf, gardening, and spending time with his wife and 3 kids.   Josh is friendly, smart, and ready to kill your bugs at a moment’s notice.

Tinnie Clifton-Tinnie (pronounced Tiny) is the newest addition to the HPC family.  She is highly focused, efficient, and super friendly.  Give her a call today to set up your appointment.   

Every licensed member attends continuing education seminars each year to maintain licensing and stay abreast of current technology, and pest control issues facing our area.