Even though we’re in the midst of a global Pandemic and probably one of the strangest and difficult times most of us have ever experienced there are certain things that remain unchanged.  One of these near certainties is the seasonal increase and re-emergence of American Roaches in and around our homes and businesses.  The American Roach population is active most of the year here in Southeast Texas. But they seem to really kick into high gear as we move into summer.  This increase in activity is directly related to our warm and humid weather which is pretty much their ideal habitat. So having a good roach control plan is vital to controlling their numbers.  

 I’ve had quite a bit of experience with these formidable creatures both as a Native Texan and as a Pest Control guy but I decided to research them a bit more and came across some fascinating, albeit somewhat disturbing, facts about this roach which happens to be one of the most widespread and successful pests in the world.

The first interesting factoid I came across was that despite their name it is believed that the American Roach is actually native to Africa.  Like many pests found in the United States it was brought here accidentally as a stowaway in ships in the 16th century.  Much like the current pandemic these Roaches spread throughout the world with great success.  When you start to look at all of their diverse traits this international spread starts to make sense.

 These insects posses a whole host of attributes that make them one of the ultimate survivors on our planet. Due to its large genome the American Roach has more olfactory and gustatory (smell and taste) receptors than any other insect on the planet.  This translates into an excellent ability to sense and find food as well as an extremely diverse diet.  This diverse diet which includes eating things like cardboard, animal waste products, and even other roaches means that they never lack food sources.  The American Roach can even eat things that are poisonous to other animals.  As if this wasn’t enough they can survive for a month without eating!  They have also developed a robust immune system which allows them to live in extremely unsanitary conditions and still thrive despite being exposed to numerous types of bacteria and parasites.

That last part is of particular interest to most of us and especially the pest control industry.  The American Roach has evolved to live and thrive in filthy environments which makes them a perfect disease vector.  These roaches can crawl directly from the sewer and end up on your kitchen counters bringing with them harmful bacteria and diseases.  This is why pest control and integrated pest management are so important in every home. Get your American Roach Control plan from us today!

To reduce the chances of American Roaches inside your home you should:

  1. Seal exterior entry points to home.  Example: Weep holes, gaps under doors, gaps in siding around utility penetrations.  The American Roach can enter through gaps the width of a quarter!
  2. Reduce moisture/water sources in and around home: Fix leaky faucets or areas of standing water.  Fix and remediate roof or plumbing leaks.
  3. Maintain a clean home by cleaning surfaces and floors regularly.
  4. Hire a professional pest control company to monitor and treat potential infestations when necessary.
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