Roach Control Services

Large Roaches – The two main large roaches we encounter in our area are called the American and Smokey brown cockroach.  No matter what you call them they are downright scary.  There’s something about them that just makes our skin crawl.  As scary as they are they are not the hardest roaches to control.  To effectively treat these pests we focus on locating and sealing off their entry points as well as applying residual insecticides and or baits to reduce their numbers inside and out.

German Roaches – While not nearly as intimidating as their larger relatives a German Roach infestation is a serious problem.  These roaches generally infest in large numbers due to their rapid reproductive capabilities.  For every one you see there could be dozens hiding in the unseen areas of your home.  The best treatment method is aggressive baiting in the harborage areas as well as keeping the infested areas as clean as possible to reduce the availability of food and water.

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