We at Hunter Pest Control enjoy giving our customers full services. This includes when we have friends that post great information they can use such as Professional Engineering Inspections blog post about animals getting into the eaves of your home. Below is a small exert, you can read the entire blog post here.


Poor detailing in siding is common in newer construction and is the most common cause for animal access in new homes.  This is true for both fiber cement products and wood siding products although we are seeing a lot fewer wood siding products used in construction today.  One of the most common defects in siding and trim installation in new construction is poor fitting of trim at the eaves of homes where the eaves interfaces the roof surface.  This detail is typically observed at the lower corners of  gables having a eyebrow roof but may also be seen at changes in elevation of the eaves, at dormer roof interfaces to the main roof surface, or any similar configuration.  It does not require a very large gap for animals to gain access to the space above the soffit at the eaves, about a quarter inch, and once there they typically have full access to the attic space.