Pest Control Services


Initial service to begin a quarterly
Treatment of attic, baseboards, closets*, drawers*, and cabinets* inside the house
Treatment of entry points and perimeter of house outside
Entry Points List- a detailed listing of all of the places a pest can enter your home or structure


Treatment of baseboards inside
Treatment of entry points outside
Performed every 3 months
3 Month Warranty covers same insects as cleanout

Ant Treatments

Structure Dwelling Ants

For any number of nuisance structure dwelling ants including Sugar ants, Pharaoh ants, Argentine ants, Crazy ants and Carpenter ants

Baiting inside walls and in harborage areas

Baiting and Spraying around perimeter of structure as necessary

Fire Ants

Treated with granular baits broadcast throughout lawn and landscaped areas


Treatment with liquid pesticide in areas where fleas are harboring and laying eggs
Homeowner cooperation needed to fully control


Spiders are covered by regular quarterly spray but are not guaranteed as the habits of the spider make them difficult to control. Spider problems are handled on a case by case basis.

Rats and Mice

Focus on exclusion (keeping them out)
We inspect the structure and provide lists of rodent entry points
Rodenticides (rat baits) are used to bait rats and mice in addition to entry point discovery
Covered under regular quarterly service with no extra charge


Either referred to a local beekeeper or treated with aerosol sprays.

Commercial Pest Services

We here at Hunter Pest Control enjoy the opportunity to service commercial buildings and places of business. We give our commercial customers the same family treatment and attention to detail that we do with our Residential customers.

We service over 40 Churches and schools in the Houston area as well as numerous other commercial establishments and are happy to provide a reference list to potential clients.