About Us

The Hunter Pest Family

When Jesse Nugent started Hunter Pest Control in 1988 his idea was simple.  Provide the best personalized service possible and do it at the customers convenience. This idea was born of the frustration he experienced while working for other pest control companies.  It was clear to him that the customers convenience and service experience were the last priority.  His goal when he started the company would be to prioritize the customer and work around their schedule.  As you might have guessed people really liked this and this concept has been the driving force of our business model for all these years.  For this reason Hunter Pest Control has remained small and focused on the goal of “Boutique” pest control for each and every customer at a fair price.

Why Hunter Pest Control?

  • We pride ourselves on quick response time for both our new and current customers.  Nobody should have to live with bugs!  We also strive to provide the highest level of service possible which is probably why most of our new customers are referred by word of mouth. 
  • All of Hunter Pest Control’s field techs are Certified Applicators which is the highest level of training certification possible in Texas.  We also attend continuing education seminars each year to maintain licensing and stay abreast of current technology and pest issues facing our area.
  • Since we’re a small company you won’t have to worry about a different person coming to your home or business for each service.  Some larger companies with high turnover will send a different tech out each time.  There’s just a few of us here and we like our customers to know us just as well as we know them.
  • If we can’t solve your problem or we’re not the best company for your particular problem we’ll tell you.  Hunter Pest Control covers most pest issues but there are some areas that are better left to specialized companies.  There are also some pest issues that don’t require pest control treatment.  My dad’s words “Sell out of need not out of greed” guide us to this day.  If you’re not sure ask for Jack.  I’m always happy to give advice or referrals.

We are located in the Heights but we service most of the greater Houston area.