Green Pest Control

What is “green pest control”?  The term green means different things to different people.  For some it may mean no chemical treatment at all while for others it may mean chemicals with active ingredients derived from natural sources.  There is no hard and fast definition of green pest control but the idea is the same; to ensure that a pest control treatment is as safe and natural as possible. 

Here at Hunter Pest Control our number one goal is the safety of your family and pets.  With this in mind every treatment we perform is designed to minimize the risks associated with insecticide treatments.  We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management which emphasizes inspection and monitoring over broad spectrum chemical treatments whenever possible.  We use natural ingredients like Boric Acid and naturally derived Pyrethrum whenever possible.

We also offer:

Low-Impact residential treatments-This service employs chemical on the exterior only while employing monitoring sticky traps on the inside of your home. 

Perimeter Only Treatments-Insecticide treatment is applied to the insect entry points on the exterior of your home only. 

We can also tailor a pest control treatment plan to suit your specific needs and requests.

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