Residential Pest Control Services


Cleanout Service 

  • Our cleanout service is the initial service we perform at your house when we begin regular service.  During this service we will:
  • Discuss any issues you may be having and recommend treatment options
  • Inspect the house for and provide a list of pest entry points
  • Treat your home inside and out (including the attic and garage) for general pests including Roaches, Rats, Mice, Crickets, Silverfish and spiders.
  • Includes localized treatment for structure infesting ants
  • Warranty our treatment for 90 days ( warranty excludes spiders)

Quarterly Pest Control Service

Although we don’t require service agreements or contracts we do recommend regular quarterly service for our residential customers.  Staying proactive throughout the year will keep small pest problems from becoming large infestations.

This service:

  • Covers the same pests as a cleanout
  • Includes treatment inside and outside
  • Includes localized treatment for structure infesting ants
  • Carries the same 90 day warranty

Structure Ant Control Treatments

Almost every house in Houston will have issues with structure infesting ants at one time or another.  Most people refer to these as “Sugar Ants” but there are quite a few species that frequent kitchens and bathrooms when searching for resources.  Many times a spot treatment (which is included in regular service) can take care of the issue.  Sometimes however a whole house treatment is needed to eliminate the infestation.  These treatments vary based on the type of ant but the treatment is warrantied for 90 days.

Fire Ant Control Service

Monthly treatments of the yard and landscaped areas around your home with a combination of bait and spot mound treatments

30 day warranty after each treatment

Mosquito Control Service

Treatment of your back yard and landscaped areas with residual pesticides to control mosquitoes around your home

1 time or monthly service

Rodent Control Treatments (Rat Control – Mouse Control)

Perform an inspection and place baits and or traps in areas of rodent activity to eliminate the infestation as quickly as possible.

Inspect the property for rodent entry points and make a list of these areas so they can be sealed to keep new rodents out

Rodent control can be done as a one time service but it is also included in our initial “Clean-out Service” and our regular quarterly service at no extra charge.

Flea Control Treatment

Pest Control Treatment Plan: 

Find the source-Fleas prefer to feed on fur bearing animals.  Therefore it’s best to determine what animal or animals are the source.  This can be as simple as your family pet or as complicated as a family of possums living under your house.

Treat domestic animals-Even though they may not be the initial source it’s important to keep your dogs and or cats on flea prevention medication obtained from your vet.  It’s always a good idea to consult with your vet when tackling a flea problem. 

Vacuum-Vacuuming floors, rugs, upholstered furniture, pet bedding, and any other area fleas and ticks may harbor is essential to treatment success.  Vacuuming removes all stages of the life cycle and accelerates control of the infestation.  You can’t vacuum too much!  However after vacuuming it’s important to remove the vacuum bag and dispose of it outside the house as fleas can hatch from inside the vacuum bag.

Pesticide Treatment- Have Hunter Pest Control come out and treat the house inside and out.  We use the latest chemicals formulated to both kill adult fleas and stop the development of juvenile fleas.  Due to the life cycle of the flea it’s sometimes necessary to have 2 treatments several weeks apart for maximum effectiveness.


Referred to a local bee keeper or bee removal specialist




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