Rodent Control Services

We offer two different types of Rodent Control Services; Rodent Trapping and Rodent Baiting.  In most cases Rodent baits and sealing of entry points are the most effective and efficient way to control a Rat or Mouse infestation quickly, however the baits have some flaws including the possibility of a rodent dying in an inaccessible portion of your home.  It is for this reason that we give you the option of choosing between baiting, trapping, or a combination of both.

Trapping Treatment

  • We place up to a dozen T-Rex snap traps in the infested areas
  • We inspect the house and provide an entry points list
  • We return within 1-2 weeks to check traps , remove rodents from traps, and re-bait traps
  • The second trip is included in the price of the first treatment
  • This treatment offers a no bait solution in order to minimize the chances of a rodent dying in the walls

Baiting Treatment

  • We place rodenticide baits in areas of rodent activity to quickly reduce the population inside the home
  • We inspect the house and provide an entry points list
  • Baits are placed in areas inaccessible to people, children, or pets.  This includes tamper resistant boxes
  • There is only one trip with this treatment choice
  • We can also sometimes place a few traps out with this treatment if the situation calls for it

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