Rodent Control

If you’ve ever been awoken in the middle of the night to the sounds of scratching and clawing in your walls or ceiling you know how disturbing and unnerving a rodent infestation can be.  As scary as it is this experience is unfortunately relatively common in Houston especially during cold weather months.  The key to eliminating rodents in a structure is locating the entry points they use to enter the building and closing them off.  In the mean time it is advisable to bait with rodenticides and or trap the rats or mice that are in the house in order to reduce the number inside as quickly as possible.

During a Rodent service call a Hunter Pest Control technician will:

  • Perform an inspection and place baits and or traps in areas of rodent activity to eliminate the infestation as quickly as possible.
  • Inspect the property for rodent entry points and make a list of these areas so they can be sealed to keep new rodents out.  (It is recommended to wait to seal off entry points until the initial treatment has lessened the infestation in order avoid trapping rodents inside the structure.)
  • Rodent control can be done as a one time service but it is also included in our initial “Clean-out Service” and our regular quarterly service at no extra charge.

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